Short video app VMate’s new corona games raise awareness, emerge as lockdown stress-buster


VMate, a short video platform, has launched a slew of initiatives since the coronavirus outbreak to raise awareness and help users. The application ensured that qualified physicians and medical professionals provided authentic corona-related information and myths for the same reason and later launched a # 21DaysChallenge for those battling boredom in the prevailing lockdown situation.

Taking it a step further, the short video app has now launched a series of three innovative sticker-based games that hit the dual purpose. One of these games is inspired by the decades-old yet extremely popular Super Mario game, which most of us have certainly explored at some point during our growing stage.

The flowers and mushrooms that acted as Power-Ups in the Mario game have been replaced by masks and disinfectants – the most essential ammunition in the fight against the virus. And the & # 39; Mario & # 39; has been replaced by a tweaked version of the mascot short video platform Vivi. Vivi has an anti-corona flag and has been converted into an anti-corona mascot. To play the game, the creators simply have to select the sticker. Once the game starts, the player’s head movement News the mobile screen controls the movement of the mascot, which must jump over the viruses to prevent them from touching.

And while jumping over the viruses, players should also make sure to collect as many masks and disinfectants as possible. Survival in the game is directly proportional to the number of masks and disinfectants obtained. The number displayed as a background score is tap-able and advises everyone to greet each other only with the Namaste gesture. The other game to launch is a quiz, where players are asked questions about the corona virus pandemic. The questions cover aspects like do’s and don’ts and other general information such as “who is more vulnerable to the virus – young or old”. All questions have three answer options and players must respond with a certain hand gesture for their mobile screens. Someone who answers the questions correctly is rated as the real corona warrior.

And the third game is a list in which a player on the mobile screen is confronted with various viruses. Players must initiate a head movement to equip themselves with a virtual mask. As soon as the players put on the mask, the viruses are killed. With these AI-integrated games, the short video app offers a smart way to keep the users busy while at the same time gaining awareness of the pandemic that has gripped even the most developed countries around the world.

It has become a blessing and a stress buster for those who adhere to the social distance guidelines and remain confined in their homes. The games were well received by the users shortly after their launch on the platform. A # CoronaGame hashtag is run on the app to maximize the reach of the games. (ANI)

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