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SK Telecom and Intel Unveil Groundbreaking Low-Latency 6G Core Technology

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SK Telecom and Intel Unveil Groundbreaking Low-Latency 6G Core Technology

SK Telecom (SKT) has collaborated with Intel to develop technology that can significantly reduce communication delays in 6G core networks. As networks become more complex with the advent of 5G and 6G, communication delays within the core network have increased, making it difficult to provide the speed and reliability needed for advanced services like AI.

The new Inline Service Mesh technology, created by SKT and Intel using Intel Xeon processors with integrated AI capabilities, can increase communication speeds within the Core network by reducing latency between components by up to 70 percent without the need for proxy servers. This breakthrough will allow AI that requires large amounts of computation to be applied to the core network in more areas, according to Yu Takki, vice president and chief infrastructure technology officer at SKT.

SKT says it has already used similar concepts to reduce wireless resource usage by 40 percent and improve user connectivity by analyzing movement patterns in real time. By reducing delays, SKT and Intel estimate that the new technology can improve service efficiency by 33 percent for 6G Core networks. This will be vital to enable the high flexibility, security, and intelligence necessary for 6G services.

The technology will be tested on commercial equipment next year. SKT and Intel have collaborated for more than a decade on joint development of key mobile communication technologies. “Our research with SK Telecom continues to deliver innovations deployed around the world,” said Dan Rodriguez, Intel corporate vice president. “By using the latest Intel Xeon processors, we drive the performance and efficiency vital to the core networks of the future.”

The two companies plan to continue working together to incorporate artificial intelligence technology to further improve traffic processing on core networks. This will help ensure that SKT maintains leadership in 6G network services.

According to (Telecoms Tech News)( a technician white paper published article describing this new technology in detail.

The grasp, this collaboration between SK Telecom and Intel is an important step forward in developing low-latency technology for 6G core networks. The potential improvements in service efficiency will pave the way for advanced services like AI while maintaining high flexibility, security, and intelligence necessary for future network services.


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