Small News Spotlight: QT Bear | Connecticut News

Small  News Spotlight: QT Bear |  Connecticut News

And Sunday, January 23, Carlson is joining forces with Mama Bear Organics and other small businesses for a fundraiser as she gets ready for her first major QT bear donation to a Connecticut hospital. “As my brand has evolved, I also launched shirts that are called ‘Made for a QT’ shirts. I called it that, because the shirts were made for a QT bear to be sent to a child in need, so it’s a one-for-one business model and for every shirt sold, we donate a bear to a child in need,” continued Carlson. “We will be donating bears to CCMC and it’s going to the cancer unit there, the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. We’re really grateful that we got in there,” stated Carlson.

“When I first started, I was sewing all the masks and I actually didn’t know how to sew. When I had the idea, I didn’t know how to sew. My aunt actually taught me how and it was crazy, because I wasn’t really planning on starting a business. I kind of just made a couple, posted on Facebook, and it blew up from there,” explained Carlson. She started with quarantine bears before changing to QT’s.

Now, her business model is still changing, as she hopes more people will support her cause. “The inspiration behind it all, my dad and I had matching bears together and he actually passed away of cancer shortly before the pandemic started, so that’s where the inspiration of the bears came from, to use bears to comfort children,” Olivia Carlson, owner of QT Bears, tells us.

“I hope that they bring comfort and hope, and that’s why I wanted to transition this into a foundation as well, because I really wanted them to serve a greater purpose,” Carlson added. And as Carlson recalls, the special connection she and her dad had over their matching teddy bears she only hopes her QT’s bring the same joy to others.

“It’s really incredible. There’s, just no words for it. It’s really amazing,” says Carlson. She’s already donated bears to hospitals, like Tufts, Emerson, and even Phoenix, but now, QT bears will be in the arms of kiddos at Connecticut Children’s.

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  • Small News Spotlight: QT Bear | Connecticut News
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