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SmartNews Revolutionizes News Consumption, Paving the Way to Break Free from Doomscrolling!

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SmartNews Revolutionizes News Consumption, Paving the Way to Break Free from Doomscrolling!

Sources say, news aggregator SmartNews has launched a new feature called SmartTake in an effort to combat the anxiety associated with regularly consuming negative news, also known as “doomscrolling.” This feature aims to provide users with a selection of uplifting stories, editor’s picks, helpful articles, and relaxing graphics all in one destination.

SmartNews is known for its push notifications that encourage users to launch the app and read headlines, even if they are not extreme enough to be considered clickbait. The main news section of the app often includes attention-grabbing stories such as murders, kidnappings, plane crashes, or notable comments from public figures. However, SmartTake intends to present more interesting and less shocking stories.

The CEO of SmartNews, Ken Suzuki, acknowledges the impact of doomscrolling on mental well-being and believes that small changes can improve the mental health of users. He states that by offering a new way to experience news sources with a touch of mindfulness and uplifting stories, SmartNews aims to address this widespread problem.

However, upon testing the new feature, it was found that it did not fully live up to its intended purpose. While some of the selected stories were positive and uplifting – like a 102-year-old woman’s advice for a longer life and teens creating resources for improving mental health impacted by social media – others were still negative or unsettling. For instance, there were stories about political assassinations and murder cases.

Nevertheless, since SmartTake is isolated within a single tab of the app, users can choose whether or not they want to engage with these potentially distressing stories while still being able to access other content without getting absorbed in negativity. Some articles are presented as bulleted summaries for quick consumption without having to read lengthy pieces.

To develop SmartTake, SmartNews conducted extensive research over 300 hours throughout the past year. They also analyzed responses from 48 participants in a small study to create a news article with mental health in mind. The company plans to establish an advisory board consisting of academics, business professionals, doctors, and other experts in the field.

The SmartTake feature is edited by experienced journalists, including Rico Jaroslovsky and Wendy Limits, who hold key positions at SmartNews. Additionally, the company has a trust and security team led by Arjun Narayan.

This announcement marks the first major development from SmartNews since the reduction of its workforce earlier this year. Despite the downsizing, the Tokyo-based news aggregator app remains valued at $2 billion.

To conclude, while SmartNews’s new feature aims to tackle doomscrolling by offering uplifting content alongside regular news articles, it falls short in fully delivering on its promise. However, with its isolated tab within the app and bulleted summaries for quicker consumption, users have more control over their exposure to negative news. As SmartNews continues to refine and improve this feature based on research and user feedback, it may provide a helpful solution for those seeking a healthier balance between staying informed and maintaining their mental well-being.

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