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SML Revolutionizes RFID Platform, Game-Changing Feature for Unparalleled Inventory Visibility

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SML Revolutionizes RFID Platform, Game-Changing Feature for Unparalleled Inventory Visibility

Experlogix, a leading provider of digital commerce solutions, has successfully expanded its platform into the North American market. Formerly known as Aphix Software, Experlogix Digital Commerce aims to create a seamless omnichannel shopping experience for organizations.

While Aphix Software was primarily used by companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and other parts of the world, Experlogix saw an opportunity to bring their comprehensive suite of B2B commerce solutions to North America. The platform includes tools that streamline back-end processes and enhance customer experiences, making it more appealing to customers as businesses expand their omnichannel presence.

The expansion of Experlogix’s platform comes at a time when retailers and footwear brands are heavily investing in omnichannel solutions. With consumers increasingly shopping online and in stores using various devices like smartphones, providing a seamless shopping experience across different channels is crucial.

According to Experlogix, their Digital Commerce platform allows organizations to easily launch and manage e-commerce applications, web stores, and mobile solutions. It seamlessly integrates with numerous ERP solutions, enabling real-time product and pricing information for customers.

Bill Fox, CEO of Experlogix, emphasizes the importance of delivering exceptional and personalized experiences throughout the customer journey. As investment in B2B e-commerce technology continues to grow, businesses face increasing pressure to meet customer expectations. The Digital Commerce platform equips organizations with the necessary tools and data to optimize sales strategies in an increasingly omnichannel world.

Plus to Experlogix’s expansion into North America, Klarna has also made significant advancements in AI-powered technology. Klarna describes itself as an “AI-powered shopping assistant and payment network” and recently rolled out ChatGPT Enterprise. This advanced AI solution provides Klarna employees with hardened security features, increased speed, and advanced data analysis capabilities.

Klarna was one of the early adopters of ChatGPT, a generative AI platform launched in November 2022. Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO and co-founder of Klarna, recognized the potential of ChatGPT and approached OpenAI CEO Sam Altman to establish Klarna as their “best client.” As a result, Klarna became the first fintech globally and the first European company in any industry to launch the ChatGPT plugin.

Another notable development in the retail technology space is SML’s new feature for its Clarity Store solution. This feature aims to eliminate the need for stock reception at destinations by using fixed RFID readers mounted on trailers and trucks. By automating accurate proof of delivery in retail stores, SML addresses the challenges faced by retailers and brands in managing inventory levels during last-mile delivery.

Retailers often struggle with inaccurate management information when it comes to product deliveries. Without clear visibility into deliveries, retailers may face overstocking or understocking issues, leading to lost sales opportunities and decreased customer satisfaction. SML’s cloud-based Clarity solution provides more than 99 percent accurate inventory levels while reading over 5,000 items on customer pilot delivery vehicles.

Dean Frew, CTO and Senior Vice President of RFID Solutions at SML Group, acknowledges that last-mile delivery poses numerous challenges for retailers and logistics service providers. Inventory management-related challenges can add operational costs and result in low customer satisfaction. With their new solution leveraging PervasID technology, SML aims to remove these obstacles for retailers by providing real-time visibility into deliveries.

The final outcome, Experlogix’s expansion into North America with its Digital Commerce platform reflects the increasing demand for omnichannel solutions among retailers and footwear brands. Businesses are investing heavily in technologies like AI-powered assistants (such as Klarna’s ChatGPT) and RFID solutions (like SML’s Clarity Store) to enhance customer experiences, optimize sales strategies, and streamline inventory management processes. These advancements in retail technology are essential for businesses looking to thrive in an increasingly omnichannel world.

It is said that, these developments highlight how companies are leveraging technology to meet the evolving needs of consumers and improve Clearly operational efficiency.


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