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Sneak Peek into Sundar Pichai’s Morning Routine: The Surprising Habit That Sets the Tone for His Day

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Sneak Peek into Sundar Pichai’s Morning Routine: The Surprising Habit That Sets the Tone for His Day

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s morning routine has been a topic of interest for many, and it seems that the tech executive starts his day with a visit to the specialized technology website, Techmeme. This may come as a surprise to many, but Pichai is not alone in his admiration for the site. Other prominent tech executives such as Mark Zuckerberg, Satya Nadella, and Dick Costolo have also expressed their fondness for Techmeme.

Techmeme, founded in 2005 by former Intel engineer Gabe Rivera, serves as an automated news aggregator that compiles links from mainstream media and lesser-known tech blogs. In an interview with Business Insider, Rivera explained that Techmeme aims to provide technology executives with an “executive summary” experience by offering highly detailed headlines ranked by importance and a density of links that provide context and scope without any trivia or clickbait. Additionally, the site prides itself on being free from intrusive pop-ups, videos, or ads.

On top of everything else to his preference for starting his day with Techmeme, Pichai has shared other aspects of his morning routine in past interviews. He mentioned that he typically rises around 6:30 or 7 am and begins his day by reading the physical copy of The Wall Street Journal and the online version of The New York Times while enjoying tea. Pichai also emphasized his focus on consuming protein in the morning and revealed that he usually eats an omelet along with toast.

On another note related to Google’s developments, Pichai recently disclosed the reason behind renaming Google’s chatbot Bard to Gemini during an interaction with CNBC. According to him, Gemini represents Google’s Wholly approach in building its most capable and secure AI model. He explained that Bard was renamed to Gemini because users are essentially interacting directly with the underlying Gemini model when using the chatbot.

In the end, Sundar Pichai’s morning routine offers insights into how some of the most influential figures in technology start their days. His preference for visiting Techmeme reflects its significance as a go-to source for industry leaders seeking curated tech news updates.

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