Space Jam 2 image shows a terrified Elmer Fudd and an angry tweety bird

Space Jam 2 image shows a terrified Elmer Fudd and an angry tweety bird

Indeed James has said in the past that his take on Space Jam is more about family than the original movie, which was definitely mainly an ego vehicle for Jordan (his family plays a minor role in the film, a fact that has been read into by a lot of people over the years). It remains to be seen if the more family-slanted Space Jam 2 works for fans of the original, but the movie’s premise definitely sounds wild and with the Looney Tunes on board there’s no doubt the film will be wacky. The one big unknown is the acting ability of James, who is a legendary basketball player but entirely unproven as a big screen presence. It’s hard to say what’s happening in the image but it seems to be very dramatic, as James gazes on while Elmer Fudd cringes in fear behind him and Tweety Bird gets angry. In the background can also be glimpsed some of the movie’s Serververse characters, who make up the crowd for the film’s climactic basketball game. In the original Space Jam of course, the final basketball tilt between the Tune Squad (featuring ringer Bill Murray) and the Monstars had stakes for Jordan but not so much the rest of humanity (basically, Jordan had to become a sideshow attraction for the rest of his life if he lost). The new movie involves James trying to save his son from Cheadle’s evil A.I., and of course a basketball game ends up being at the center of everything. More: Space Jam 2 Is Still Missing One Key Thing From The First Movie

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With the summer movie season fast approaching and hopes high that it will actually be able to happen as the COVID pandemic eases, USA Today has released a new Space Jam 2 image featuring James alongside a pair of his Looney Tunes teammates. See the image in the space below: Of course the original Space Jam was a lot more than just a commercial for the sports phenomenon that was Jordan. The movie also provided a hip showcase for classic Looney Tunes characters Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Tweety Bird and more. The Looney Tunes will naturally be back for Space Jam 2 – otherwise it wouldn’t be Space Jam. They’re joined by Don Cheadle playing an evil A.I., in a story that sees James being sucked into Warner Bros.’ “Serververse” where he encounters famous figures from the studio’s long and storied history (some of whom, like the Droogs from A Clockwork Orange, are a little weird to see in a kids’ movie starring an NBA superstar and the Looney Tunes).

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