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Taking Flight: Greene Technology Center Aviation Students Soar as They Build Remarkable Aircraft at WJHL!

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Taking Flight: Greene Technology Center Aviation Students Soar as They Build Remarkable Aircraft at WJHL!

It is apparently, the Greene Technology Center in Tennessee has kicked off a new semester with an exciting project for its Aviation Flight Program students. These aspiring aviation enthusiasts are currently working on building a real airplane, not just a model or toy. The program aims to provide students with practical skills and knowledge that can be applied to various careers in the aviation industry.

Skip Borders, the Aviation Program Lead Instructor, brings his extensive 50 years of flight experience to guide and teach the students at the Technology Center. He emphasizes that this project offers valuable lessons that can benefit those interested in pursuing aviation as well as other fields. By participating in this program, students gain a comprehensive overview of potential career paths within aviation, such as becoming pilots or maintenance technicians.

One senior student at Greeneville High School, Bryant Hoffman, shared his journey with the Aviation Flight Program. Hoffman initially took the beginner course during his sophomore year but decided to further challenge himself by enrolling in advanced courses. He expressed his excitement about being involved from the start of building the airplane.

Hoffman revealed that he aspires to follow in his brother’s footsteps by joining the Air Force. Building the plane requires meticulous attention to detail, which aligns perfectly with Hoffman’s goals and aspirations.

The next crucial step for this aircraft is putting on its wings, scheduled to begin next week under Borders’ supervision. With dedication and hard work from both instructors and students alike, their aim is to have a fully operational aircraft by May 2024 – marking an impressive achievement for these ambitious young aviators.

This hands-on project at Greene Technology Center provides invaluable experiences and insights into the world of aviation for budding professionals. It allows them to explore their interests while gaining practical skills that can be applied throughout their future careers.

To read more about this exciting initiative taken by Greene Technology Center’s Aviation Flight Program students and instructors, visit source.

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