tata Tech joins Foxconn-led consortium to evolve sustainable mobility

The goal of this open electric vehicle alliance is to bring the strategic partners together to build the next generation of EV, autonomous driving, and mobility service applications, the global engineering and product development digital services firm said in a statement.

Tata Technologies Ltd on Wednesday said it has joined the Foxconn-initiated MIH Consortium to promote  improvement of sustainable mobility solutions and encourage collaboration inside the business. The MIH (Mobility In Harmony Consortium) contains in excess of 2,300 individuals in the field of software, hardware, and services. The collaboration with the MIH Consortium will enable Tata Technologies to collaborate with other members on solutions and capabilities that deliver value for its stakeholders and enable it to innovate new solutions.

“Tata Technologies is at the forefront of the eMobility revolution and our association with MIH Consortium reinforces our position as a key partner in the automotive value chain,” Tata Technologies Managing Director and CEO Warren Harris said.

Tata and Foxconn are amongst the highly reputable and trusted brands across continents. The association celebrates the larger commitment of both the groups to promote sustainable and smart mobility across the markets, he added.

Tata Technologies said its goal is to help its global clients engineer better products through “compelling product engineering and digital solutions across the product development value chain from concept design to product engineering to digital manufacturing and after-sales service solutions”.

The MIH Consortium is creating an open EV ecosystem that promotes collaboration across all stakeholders, including OEMs and Tier I suppliers, in the mobility industry to realise and standardise EV technologies that underpin the EV revolution, the statement said.

“We are very pleased to have Tata Technologies onboard with MIH Consortium as they bring a near 3-decade automotive domain expertise to the alliance,” MIH Consortium CEO Jack Cheng said.

Collaborating with Tata’s team of experienced engineers with excellent technical qualifications, MIH Consortium and its members will benefit immensely and move closer towards its goal of creating an open EV ecosystem that promotes collaboration in the mobility industry, Cheng added.

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