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Tech Millionaire Pursues Quest for Immortality: His Groundbreaking Plan to Reverse Aging

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According to a recent interview with Time magazine, Bryan Johnson, a 46-year-old technology entrepreneur, is on a mission to reverse the aging process. He has invested millions of dollars in a team of experts who monitor and conduct experiments on his body in an attempt to achieve the physical condition of an 18-year-old. Time Senior Correspondent Charlotte Alter had the opportunity to visit and interview Johnson at his home in California.

Johnson’s ultimate goal is to make his 46-year-old organs look and function like those of an 18-year-old. He claims that he now possesses the bones of a 30-year-old and the heart of a 37-year-old. To achieve this, Johnson follows a strict health regimen that includes taking 111 pills every day, wearing a baseball cap that emits red light onto his scalp, collecting stool samples for analysis, and even sleeping with a small jet pack attached to his penis to monitor nocturnal erections.

During Alter’s visit, she described the Spartan conditions of Johnson’s bedroom. The only objects present besides his bed were a laser face shield used for collagen growth and wrinkle reduction and the device he wears on his penis while sleeping to measure nocturnal erections. Johnson revealed that he averages two hours and 12 minutes of erection per night—an amount he considers below average for an 18-year-old.

Alter delved into further details about Johnson’s daily routine before 6 a.m., which includes measuring weight, body mass index, hydration level, body fat percentage, and something called “pulse wave velocity.” Additionally, Johnson uses light therapy for two to three minutes each morning to reset his circadian rhythm and monitors changes in his body by taking inner ear temperature readings.

While some scientists and medical experts expressed skepticism regarding Johnson’s project and methods, he remains focused on future perspectives rather than contemporary opinions. According to him: “I have more relationship with the 25th century than with the 21st century. I really care about what the 24th century thinks, not what people of our time think.”

Alter noted that Johnson’s pursuit of immortality has made his love life challenging. In fact, he compiled a list titled “10 reasons why (women) will literally hate me.” The reasons include unconventional meal times, lack of sunny holidays, early bedtimes, aversion to small talk, always sleeping alone, and prioritizing other matters over relationships.

When Alter questioned whether such an extreme health routine compromised Johnson’s humanity and human experiences, he responded by emphasizing that everything humans experience is ultimately rooted in biochemical states within the body. He suggested that as we move towards an AI-dominated future, humans may have to detach themselves from traditional customs and philosophies.

Regarding eternal life and the potential loss of loved ones who do not share his quest for immortality, Johnson compared it to the sentiment experienced during “senior night” in high school when saying goodbye to friends who might never be seen again. Alter expressed her skepticism as a modern-day Homo sapiens and stated that Johnson seemed to imply sacrificing certain aspects of humanity for survival in an AI-aligned future.

It is important to note that while Johnson’s endeavors are captivating, they have garnered criticism from various experts. Despite this skepticism, Bryan Johnson remains steadfast in his mission to achieve physical rejuvenation and extend human lifespan.

According to Fox News’ coverage on this topic(^1^), Bryan Johnson’s pursuit of reversing aging has attracted attention due to its ambitious nature. As technology continues advancing at a rapid pace, it will be intriguing to observe how scientific breakthroughs shape our understanding of aging and longevity.

(Click here)( for more information on Bryan Johnson’s quest for immortality.

(^1^): (Fox News)(


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