Tech News: FCC is working towards completely removing Huawei and ZTE gear from networks in the US

Huawei has been regarded by the US government as a threat to national security for several years. Therefore, in 2019, the FCC officially prohibited companies from using grants to purchase Huawei or ZTE network equipment due to allegations of espionage.

Now Engaget has brought that to our attention the agency has opened a reporting portal to collect data from carriers regarding their use of Huawei and ZTE network equipment. This has been set up so that the agency can draw up a realistic reimbursement program.

The money it will provide is paid to network providers, in particular small rural carriers, to facilitate the replacement of their existing Huawei or ZTE network equipment. According to FCC chairman Ajit Pai, the designation of national security threats with regard to the two companies may become final this spring.

The data collection of carriers will help identify areas where Huawei and ZTE equipment and services are used most, and how to proceed to help remove them. Other information collected by the FCC includes information about the costs of purchasing, installing, and replacing network equipment and what type of equipment and service providers use. The deadline for submitting requested information is April 22.