Tech News: T-Mobile makes Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ users angry with Android 10 update delay

Samsung has been incredibly fast to get the latest OS update to the US unlocked variants of both its 2019 and Flagship handsets from 2018, but although the same can be said about America’s best wireless service providers as far as Galaxy S10 and Note 10 rollout, it is not going so smoothly for the Galaxy S9, S9 + and Note 9.

US airlines have taken a little more time to start delivering their Android 10 goodie packs to these 2018-released powerhouses, and in particular a mobile network operator appears to be unable for some reason to send status reports and schedules to its customers to transfer.

The only problem is the rollout via the ether actually never started as far as we can tell. After having reportedly instructed some S9 and S9 + owners to perform factory reset for a few days, while simply telling many others that they were looking for a phased roll-out that would be completed on March 6, T- Mo silently revised its support pages to essentially confirm that the updates are indeed not currently taking place.
Strangely enough, Magenta seems to insist that that was once the case with Android 10 deliveries now “paused temporarily” and “soon” to all Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus users. Although it is quite possible that you are only looking at a short delay here, people are not happy, especially because of the poor communication that T-Mobile has communicated with its customers in recent weeks.