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Tech-Savvy Students Revolutionize South Washington County School District with Much-Needed Repair Services

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Tech-Savvy Students Revolutionize South Washington County School District with Much-Needed Repair Services

It may be summer vacation, but a team of students at Cottage Grove is hard at work. The South Washington County School District is taking a unique approach to repair all damaged Chromebooks and iPads that are turned in at the end of the year. Instead of outsourcing the repairs, they have enlisted the help of their own students.

With approximately 19,000 students in the district, it’s no surprise that about 3,000 repairs are needed this summer alone. However, these repairs aren’t as daunting as they may seem. According to Amber Sorenson, the district’s Technology Integration Coordinator, some repairs are very simple such as resetting a key or replacing motherboards.

Outsourcing these repairs would typically be the norm for most school districts. However, in this case, using student employees proves to be much faster and more affordable. Not only do these students gain valuable experience and skills, but they also earn school credit and get paid by the hour throughout the summer.

“These students are acquiring professional skills,” says Sorenson. “Valuable things like problem-solving, critical thinking, working together. They can take that with them on whatever road they take.”

The benefits go beyond just gaining technical knowledge. For student Ajulo Awow, this summer job has sparked an interest in pursuing a career in mechanical engineering. “In the fall I’m going to Dunwoody to study mechanical engineering,” she said. “This job made me want to go into it.”

By involving students in repairing technology devices within their own school district, South Washington County School District is not only saving time and money but also providing its students with hands-on experience that could potentially shape their future careers.

It is widely disclosed that (KSTP News), this innovative initiative is proving successful for both parties involved – the district and its student employees who are acquiring new skills while preparing for their own academic journeys.

The end result, utilizing student technicians for repairing damaged Chromebooks and iPads is a win-win situation for the South Washington County School District. Not only does it save time and money, but it also provides students with valuable experience and skills that can benefit them in their future endeavors. By taking part in this summer job, students like Ajulo Awow have discovered newfound career interests, further highlighting the positive impact of this program.

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