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Tech Time: Empowering Older Generations with Answers to Their Technology Questions

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Tech Time: Empowering Older Generations with Answers to Their Technology Questions

According to the sourceSavvy Seniors Tech Time is a technology class offered by the Wilkinson Public Library in Telluride. This class has become a valuable resource for seniors who want to learn how to use their cell phones, computers, and other devices more effectively.

The Wilkinson Public Library started offering the Savvy Seniors Tech Time class last year as a way to address the growing need for technology assistance among older adults. The class takes place every Monday from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm in Meeting Room 5 and is open to the public free of charge. No registration is required.

For many seniors, technology can be intimidating and confusing. Marilyn Branch, a regular attendee of the class, explains that they didn’t grow up with this level of technology and often struggle to understand it. The Tech Time class provides them with an opportunity to ask questions and receive clarification on various technology-related issues.

The library’s director, Sarah Landeryou, highlights the importance of teaching seniors new technology skills. Many older adults did not grow up with personal computers or cell phones, so they may feel overwhelmed by these devices. Laura Colbert, the library’s adult program coordinator and leader of the Tech Time class, recognized this need in the community and decided to offer this service at a specific time each week.

One of the strengths of this class is its welcoming atmosphere. Participants feel comfortable asking questions because they know that library staff members are patient and eager to help. Pal Gleason, another regular attendee, emphasizes that no question is too small or complicated.

The Tech Time class covers a wide range of topics based on participants’ needs and interests. For example, attendees learn how to share photos on their phones or use reading apps like Libby. Additionally, they discover that the library’s website provides access to The New York Times and Wall Street Journal without a subscription.

The goal of the class is not only to teach new skills but also to empower seniors in their daily lives. Participants have the opportunity to learn how to create email addresses or set up their iPhones. Jackson Schneider, the library’s teen programs specialist who occasionally co-leads the class, mentions that any question is fair game.

The popularity of the Savvy Seniors Tech Time class has grown steadily since its inception. While it typically attracts a handful of people, as many as a dozen attendees have shown up for certain sessions. Participants are encouraged to bring their devices, such as phones, laptops, or Kindles, so that they can receive personalized assistance.

Technology can be frustrating at times, and this class aims to alleviate those frustrations by providing expert guidance and support. From troubleshooting apps to resolving issues with external hard drives, participants can ask any technology-related question during these sessions.

If you’re interested in attending the Savvy Seniors Tech Time class, mark your calendar for August 7th when an open technology session will take place. Remember to bring your device and prepare all the questions you may have – there’s no shortage of topics covered in this informative and engaging class!

In the long run, Savvy Seniors Tech Time at Wilkinson Public Library offers seniors a valuable opportunity to enhance their technology skills and overcome challenges associated with modern devices. By providing a welcoming environment and knowledgeable instructors, this class empowers older adults in their daily lives while fostering a sense of community among participants.

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