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“Tech Titan INVL Takes Control: The Latest Scoop on Novian Technologies”

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“Tech Titan INVL Takes Control: The Latest Scoop on Novian Technologies”

Novian Technologies Acquires NRD Rwanda to Boost Presence in Central and East Africa

As per information from the source, Novian Technologies, which is part of the Novian group owned by INVL Technologyhas recently acquired Rwanda-based Norway Registers Development Rwanda Ltd. (NRD Rwanda) from NRD Companies. The deal, which involved the purchase of all shares of the regional company, is aimed at optimizing asset utilization and operational efficiencies at the firms, particularly in Rwanda, Burundi, and the DRC, where NRD Rwanda is actively involved.

NRD Rwanda specializes in sales, project management, and support services and has carried out several strategic government projects, such as implementing digital business registration systems for the Rwanda Development Board and mortgage registration consultancy projects, among others. With the acquisition, Novian Technologies aims to strengthen NRD Rwanda’s position in the region and help realize Rwanda and other African countries’ digitization potential by providing big data, high-performance computing solutions, and expertise in GovTech, finance, and climate change solutions.

Novian Technologies’ move to take over NRD Rwanda enhances its presence in Africa and adds to its extensive list of offices in the Baltic countries, Norway, and Moldova. The company has teamed up with the National Bank of Rwanda and the Rwanda Revenue Authority, among others, to provide IT infrastructure modernization solutions and carry out tech-related projects for organizations like TradeMark Africa, the World Bank, and the East African Community information exchange platform.

NRD Companies CEO, Mindaugas Glodas, noted that the decision to sell NRD Rwanda is part of the group’s business strategy. In contrast, the firm continues to focus on its activities in Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe, and other African countries under new business models that enhance more value for the clients.

With Novian Technologies’ experience in HPC deployment at the West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adaptive Land Use and other African countries, the firm is expected to leverage its capabilities in Africa in providing climate change and control solutions.

In conclusion, Novian Technologies’ acquisition of NRD Rwanda further strengthens its presence in Africa and enhances its ability to provide innovative solutions to organizations in the region. The acquisition is part of the firm’s identity to share its knowledge in rapidly growing and digitizing regions, seeking to add value to clients while optimizing operational efficiencies.


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