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5G security errors can cause hackers to steal your identity

5G security flaws can cause hackers to steal your identity

New research indicates serious security flaws are present in 5G network technologies that allow hackers to cause significant disruptions or even steal a person’s identity.

Worryingly, vulnerabilities have been discovered in both the existing non-standalone 5G networks and emerging standalone networks.

Unfortunately, as outlined in the Positive Technologies report, the new networks remain at risk of attack. Vulnerabilities in the HTTP / 2 and PFCP protocols used by standalone 5G networks allow attackers to potentially steal subscriber profile data, impersonate individuals, and false authentication of subscribers.

‚ÄúThat’s why security concerns need to be addressed by operators from the start. Subscriber attacks can be both financial and reputational, especially when vendors are in strong competition to launch their 5G networks. With such a diverse attack surface, a robust core network security architecture is by far the safest way to protect users. “

Kurbatov also notes that as 5G standalone networks become more embedded in society, through the Internet of Things and other applications, the potential damage that these vulnerabilities can cause will only increase. Healthcare, transportation, utilities and many other essential aspects of our lives can potentially be disrupted.

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