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China and the EU find agreement Technology Handover

China and the EU find agreement Technology Handover

News Highlights: China and the EU find agreement Technology Handover

Thursday January 14, 2021

On December 30, 2020, after seven long years of negotiations, China and the EU concluded in principle negotiations on a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI). Frayed political and trade ties with the US, as well as Brexit, convinced EU members to put aside objections related to violations of human rights and close the deal with China, now their main trading partner. The Chinese, who struggled to make up for the diplomatic setbacks of 2020, including the wrong handling of the initial Covid-19 crisis, the issue of the labor camps in Xingjian and the crisis in Hong Kong, and who alternatives to their tense relations with the US, were willing to make concessions – including some key provisions regarding China’s forced transfer of technology.

If those provisions are really and correctly applied by China, they could give EU companies an advantage over their US competitors….

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