Google News is partnering with local news publishers to bring local news about COVID-19

Google announced on Monday that it is partnering with local news publishers to bring local news about the COVID-19 pandemic to its Google News application. As cities and municipalities around the world respond with local policies and guidelines, the need for timely and reliable local news and information is vital. Google said that to help people navigate these complexities, they work in their news products to highlight the latest local guidelines and bring out more content from local news publishers so users can understand how the virus affects their community.

“Finding consolidated and reliable COVID-19 guidelines can be challenging. To help each community be prepared for the future, the Google News app is testing a new feature in partnership with local news publishers. We will test this in a few geographic areas in the dedicated COVID-19 section of the app, where users can view the timelines for community reopening, plus updates on company and school openings, ”said Daniel Rocha, Engineering Director, News in a blog post. “They can also see the status of the local health infrastructure, public transport, events and resource sections for residents seeking or willing to help families in need. This feature is available in more than 21 areas, ranging in both small and large editions from The Raleigh News & Observer,, CBS Chicago, Oregon Live and Gothamist, ”added Rocha.

Rocha further stated that they will also continue to expand their coverage in the US and Canada and plan to release this feature for products outside of the Google News app in the future. (ANI)

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