“Iloveyou”, “123456”, and “pokemon” among worst passwords of 2020, reveals NordPass

If you have an online account, be it for your social media website or an email, it will amuse you to know that your password can be sensitive to data breaches. A new report from NordPass, a password management service, has highlighted the worst passwords of 2020 that are common online. Among them is ‘123456’ which is the most guessable and insecure password which is at the top. The second most vulnerable password is ‘123456789’ – literally all the numbers available on your phone or laptop’s keyboard, except zero.

NordPass has shared that these passwords are the most commonly used, making it extremely easy for anyone to guess, let alone highly skilled hackers. In fact, these are the same passwords that have emerged repeatedly over the years. But despite the best efforts of companies like NordPass, hardly anyone bothered to change their password creation habits. And since people tend to use one password for different accounts and unlock a number of devices, they put a lot of their online accounts and devices at risk when they choose one of these passwords.

Aside from the two numeric passwords, some other ridiculous passwords, according to NordPass, include ‘picture1’, ‘password’, ‘12345678’, ‘111111’, ‘123123’, ‘12345’, ‘1234567890’, ‘senha’, ‘1234567 ′, ‘Qwerty’, ‘abc123 ′,’ Million2 ′, ‘000000 ′,’ 1234 ′, ‘iloveyou’, ‘aaron431 ′,’ password1 ′ and ‘qqww1122 ′. These passwords are just one guess away and can unlock several web accounts that many people use at the same time.

NordPass has also listed the worst passwords by different categories. For the personal name category, ‘aaron431’ is the most common password with 90,000 users, while under the food name category, ‘chocolate’ is the worst password with over 21,000 users. There are a total of 12 categories under which these passwords are placed: numbers, swear words, qwerty, device, names, password, sports, random letters, positive words, food and miscellaneous.

A large number of people, 37,000 to be exact according to NordPass, who use ‘pokemon’ as their password for various web properties. ‘Iloveyou’ is also one of the worst passwords many people have used, putting it in 17th place. While most passwords have been ported because people are still using them from previous years this year, 78 of these passwords were found to be new, according to the report.

NordPass cited some ways to create strong passwords in the report. Never use passwords for multiple accounts. Create a unique one for each account and make them long – don’t settle for anything shorter than 12 characters, or even more, if you can. Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols to significantly reduce the risk of your passwords being cracked, ”the company noted in its report.

It makes sense for people to keep a password that is a combination of things or entities that only they know by heart. Using nonsensical passwords, including numbers and common names, is something to be avoided at all times, especially when there are companies like NordPass who remind them every year.

According to a new report from NordPass, there are several passwords that are easy to guess and shouldn’t be used.

News Highlights:

  • NordPass has revealed this year’s worst passwords.
  • ‘123456’ and ‘iloveyou’ are among these worst passwords.
  • Some of these passwords are at the top every year.
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