LinkedIn is being prosecuted for spying on sensitive data of iPhone and iPad users through device apps

Microsoft’s LinkedIn faces a class action lawsuit for snooping on sensitive data and information from iOS users without their knowledge.

According to a Bloomberg report, the lawsuit alleges that LinkedIn programmed its iPhone and iPad applications to divert sensitive information. The apps use Apple’s universal clipboard to read and transfer the data and can extract information from other Apple devices, according to the complaint filed with San Francisco Federal Court on Friday.

According to the lawsuit, the privacy violations that LinkedIn caused were exposed by Apple and independent program developers.

These developers found that Apple’s most recent mobile operating system, iOS 14, found that LinkedIn’s application read users’ clipboard data a lot. The complaint said LinkedIn was constantly poking around in user data. Apple’s clipboard often contains sensitive information that users cut or copy to paste, including photos, texts, emails, or medical records.

Following the example, LinkedIn not only spied clipboard data from Apple devices, but also spied their nearby computers and other devices, and bypassed Apple’s clipboard timeout, which removes the information after 120 seconds.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Adam Bauer of New York City, who says he routinely used the LinkedIn app on his iPhone and iPad.

The lawsuit is designed to represent a class of users based on alleged violations of federal and California privacy laws and breach of contract claims.

Apple recently released a new privacy feature, Paste Notifications, for iOS 14 developers. This alerts the user when text copied to the Apple clipboard is approached by Forbes. Apple noted that full access to the update will be available to users in the fall of 2020.

When Erran Berger, chief of engineering at LinkedIn, pointed out that LinkedIn was copying data from user’s clipboards, he tweeted: “We reduced this to a code path that only performs an equality check between the clipboard content and the currently typed content in a text box. We do not save or send the contents of the clipboard. ‘

LinkedIn spokesman Greg Snapper said the company is reviewing the lawsuit.

Also, TikTok was recently caught using people using iOS 14. The video-making app had previously stated that it would stop the practice of reading content on users’ clipboards, according to a report by The Telegraph. However, it turned out to be quite different recently and was caught red-handed. TikTok later addressed and solved the problem.

iOS 14 update has a privacy feature, paste notifications, which will notify users if someone copies data from their clipboard from other apps.

Most important part

  • Microsoft’s LinkedIn has been sued for sniffing clipboard data from iOS users.
  • According to the complaint, LinkedIn read users’ clipboards a lot.
  • According to the lawsuit, LinkedIn also spied on their nearby computers and other devices.

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