Mumbai man writes to Jeff Bezos after a thief stole his Amazon package, gets a refund

There are many popular stories about Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, and his focus on solving problems for consumers. This one comes in the same list. When a Mumbai customer recently wrote to Bezos about a missing package, Amazon executives reached out to him within days to resolve his issue. This doesn’t mean that Bezos might read all the emails that Amazon customers send him, but it shows that he does read some emails, even though he might not answer them.

This story is about Omkar Hanmante, a Mumbai resident, and his attempt to purchase a phone for his grandmother through Amazon India’s website. Omkar ordered a simple Nokia phone for his grandmother. But he never received it, even though the status page of his order stated that the phone had been delivered.

A little baffled and bothered, Omkar wrote the following email to Bezos:

Hi Jeff

I hope you’re well

I am very disappointed with your customer service and delivery protocols

The phone I ordered from Amazon was not handed to me, but put on the gate of society and a thief stole it. I also never received a call about delivery.

Plus, your customer service team just tells me the investigation is ongoing and gives a default response like I’m talking to a bot. I have the CCTV footage of the whole ordeal at the link below.

The whole episode is very frustrating and I will think twice before buying anything on the website again. “

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is known for reading customer emails. Even if he doesn’t reply directly to a customer, he forwards those emails to the executives. Bezos has said in interviews that he still personally reads customer emails sent to him.

Shortly after writing the email, Omkar received a response from one of the executives of Amazon’s customer relations team. The director wrote an elaborate email suggesting a way out: “Jeff Bezos has received your email and I am responding on his behalf,” the email said.

Amazon executives quickly took a fresh look at evidence of the theft that Omkar had previously provided. The phone was delivered to the correct address, it simply did not go into the hands of the rightful owner because the delivery person had decided to leave the package at the entrance gate. When the camera images were viewed, a man was seen stealing the phone and running away with it.

What followed was a resolution that took some time, but Omkar got his money back.

Omkar says of the episode, “Amazon is a completely processing-based company. If a customer’s case is genuine, they will refund or redeliver the product. I am very happy with the customer service and Amazon has successfully retained me as a customer. “

What do you do if your Amazon package is stolen? Well, you can write CEO Jeff Bezos like this guy from Mumbai, and he will fix the problem.

News Highlights:

  • A customer in Mumbai ordered a telephone for his grandmother.
  • He wrote to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, after not receiving the package.
  • Bezos read the email and instructed the Amazon team to resolve the issue urgently.
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