The benefits of electronic rodent monitoring (ERM) – PCT

The benefits of electronic rodent monitoring (ERM) - PCT

News Highlights: The benefits of electronic rodent monitoring (ERM) – PCT

Time management is an important workplace responsibility that pest controllers (PMPs) face on a daily basis. Residential technicians jump from job to job, providing quality services that, at best, won’t result in callbacks before the next month’s – or quarter’s – hire.

On the commercial side, technicians typically serve clients with weekly or bi-weekly visits and unlike residential accounts, there are usually several tasks to be addressed in each facility. Completing these without having to come back for smaller issues is important to the planning and profitability of a PMP.

This is one of the main benefits of electronic rodent monitoring (ERM). These systems can alert PMPs to record and station activity as real-time monitoring equipment and data collection, while also providing critical insight into how and where problems exist.

Better information and more of it seems to be the main benefit of using …

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