TikTok is a data collection service, do not use it, the engineer warns

TikTok, China’s very popular short video sharing platform, continues to make headlines worldwide. Recently, India along with 58 other Chinese apps announced a ban on TikTok due to national security concerns, before accusing the ByteDance-managed platform of spying on iPhone clipboards.

Now, an engineer who claims to “reverse engineer” the platform two months ago claims that the app provides users with a taste of “virality” to entice them to stay on the platform. He claims to have a very good understanding of how the app works, saying that TikTok is a data collection service barely disguised as a social network.

According to the engineer on Reddit named ‘bangorlol’, the app collects information about phone hardware, network (IP, WiFi APN and more) and other apps installed on the device. Some variants of the app, he said, also enabled GPS pinging, about once every 30 seconds.

In addition, they weren’t even using HTTPS for a long time. They leaked users ’email addresses into their HTTP REST API, as well as their secondary emails used for resetting passwords. Also don’t forget users’ real names and birthdays. was visible to everyone a few months ago if you used the MITMde application, ”he wrote in a Reddit post.

Bangorlol also claimed to have rolled back other social networking apps, including Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and Twitter, adding that these platforms don’t collect the same amount of data anywhere as TikTok anywhere.

Finally, from his research results, bangorlol advised people to stay away from the app. “TikTok is essentially malware aimed at children. Do not use TikTok. Don’t let your friends and family use it, ”he warned.

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