Twitter to hand over @POTUS account to Biden on January 20

According to Reuters, Twitter to hand over @POTUS account to Biden on January 20.

(Reuters) – Twitter Inc will hand over control of the @POTUS account to the Joe Biden administration on Jan. 20, the company said.

The @POTUS account is the official account of the President of the United States and is separate from the @ realDonaldTrump account that President Donald Trump uses to tweet.

“Twitter is actively preparing to support the transition of the White House Twitter accounts on January 20, 2021. As with the presidential transition in 2017, this process is being conducted in close consultation with the National Archives and Records, ”the company confirmed to Reuters on Saturday.

Twitter will also hand over other White House institutional accounts, such as @FLOTUS, @VP and @whitehouse, on Inauguration Day.

The development was previously reported by Politico, who added that the transfer of the @POTUS handle does not require an information exchange between the outgoing Trump team and the incoming Biden team.

It also reported that Twitter will meet transition officials from Biden and elected Vice President Kamala Harris in the coming months to discuss the specifics of how the new government will use Twitter.

Biden, who has reached the two-week milestone since becoming president-elect, is preparing to take office on January 20, but Trump has refused to admit and is seeking to invalidate or reverse the results through lawsuits and recounts in a number of states. , claim – without evidence – widespread voter fraud.

Reporting by Aakriti Bhalla in Bengaluru; Editing by Andrea Ricci

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