Vaccine registry technology is lacking. Here’s how to fix it

Vaccine registry technology is lacking.  Here's how to fix it

News Highlights: Vaccine registry technology is lacking. Here’s how to fix it

The crashes of online vaccine planning systems have become a sad symbol of how technology has hampered the country’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign, preventing people from signing up or knowing when and where to take their photos.

But it doesn’t have to be. The technology and expertise to schedule and rank people by priority levels is widely available, say health data experts. It just needs to be implemented based on a set of best practices so that people can be efficiently guided through the system.

“We need to rethink some of the existing strategies,” said David Rhew, a physician and Chief Medical Officer at Microsoft, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week. ‘We have to make sure that we don’t set it up so that all these people come at the same time. We need to understand how to organize this. ”


But what does that system look like – and who is responsible for getting it off the ground? During…

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