Vodafone Brings RED Together M and RED Max Postpaid Subscriptions for Family and Individuals for Rs 899 and Rs 699

Vodafone has introduced new postpaid plans for family and individual use. Users who want to pay for a maximum of four family members under one invoice can opt for the Vodafone RED Together M subscription. The purpose of these plans is to make the payment system hassle-free and affordable. The RED Together M plan will be more affordable as users will have to pay under one account for all members instead of separate accounts. Vodafone also offers an individual postpaid subscription, the Red Max subscription. The plans, RED Together M and RED Max postpaid plans are Rs 899 and Rs 699 respectively. Let’s look at these plans in detail.

Vodafone RED Together M plan: Priced at Rs 899, this plan provides up to 4 connections for family members. The RED Together M postpaid plan provides users with a total of 160 GB of data. The plan is designed so that the primary user gets 70 GB of data and the other secondary users 30 GB of data. The primary user gets 200 GB rollover data and the secondary users gets 50 GB rollover data. Users of the Vodafone RED Together M subscription receive unlimited calling benefits. Users also receive 100 text messages per month. In addition, customers receive OTT benefits such as a free subscription to Amazon Prime for 1 year, Vodafone Play and Zee5 premium.

A Vodafone RED family postpaid subscription that was already on the Vodafone website at Rs 999 Plan offers 5 connections for family members. It offers a 200 GB postpaid plan with a 200 GB data roll. The plan offers a free annual subscription to Amazon Prime, ZEE5, Vodafone Play and mobile protection at an additional cost. The Rs 999 plan also offers 100 free text messages and unlimited calling. Under this postpaid plan, data usage for primary members is 60 GB and data usage for secondary members is 30 GB.

After the data limit is reached on the RED Together M postpaid plan, subscribers will be charged Rs 20 per GB.

Vodafone RED Max subscription: This postpaid plan is designed for individual users and costs Rs 699. The plan was first noticed by OnlyTech. The plan can be useful for users with a lot of data because it offers unlimited data and unlimited calling. Users in this subscription receive 100 free text messages per month. Customers receive OTT benefits such as a free subscription to Amazon Prime for 1 year, Vodafone Play and Zee5 premium. The plan is governed by Vodafone’s commercial usage policy. If customers use these plans for commercial purposes, Vodafone will downgrade the subscriber to the nearest RED postpaid subscription with limited data.

According to Vodafone Idea, unlimited calls only apply to calls from the home network.

Vodafone has introduced postpaid plans for Rs 899 and Rs 699 for families and individuals with data and calling benefits.

Most important part

  • Vodafone has introduced two new postpaid subscriptions for family and individual subscriptions.
  • The Vodafone RED Together M plan for Rs 899 is a family plan that offers 160 GB with up to 4 connections.
  • Vodafone RED Max plan for Rs 699 is an individual plan that offers unlimited data and unlimited calling.

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