Telegrafik and Kepler Vision Technologies have announced a cooperation

A partnership between the international software developer Kepler Vision Technologies and the French integrated services company TeleGRAPHIC has been launched. The L’Isle d’Abeau, France-based factory of TeleGRAPHIC produces computer vision software that safeguards the health of nursing home residents.

The Night Nurse Solution from Kepler Vision is a program that analyzes body language. The Kepler Night Nurse uses machine learning and computer vision to identify falls, patient complaints, and unusual behaviors and alerts caregivers so they can take immediate action.

By a factor of 1,000, this solution technology surpasses wearable monitoring systems, motion sensors, and bed mats, minimizing false alerts and undue stress on caregivers.

A platform for connected aging solutions is called TeleGRAPHIC. Designed to safeguard the frail and the disabled, prevent the loss of autonomy, and coordinate and inform professional carers in any care setting.

Manufacturers and integrators can get all the linked solutions necessary for aging well from TeleGRAPHIC, including fall detection systems, cutting-edge remote help with actimetry, connected beds, remote medical monitoring and consultation, remote specialists, and all the connected solutions.

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