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The 38th Annual CSUN Conference on Assistive Technologies

by Michael Huff
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The 38th Annual CSUN Conference on Assistive Technologies

California State University, Northridge’s 38th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, internationally recognized as the premier event for technology and people with disabilities, will take place March 13-17 at the Anaheim Marriott It would be held.

The conference is the largest event of its kind, showcasing the latest accessibility and assistive technologies (such as mobile apps and improved wheelchairs) that can transform the lives of people with disabilities. Also included are journals his tracks highlighting scholarship and research on the latest developments in the field.

“Our team hopes to not only build on the achievements of the 2022 conference but also welcome and grow the community this year,” said CSUN Disability Center, which leads the conference each year. Interim Executive Director, she said Julia Santiago.

Santiago said the CSUN AT conference is an inclusive space for new and returning attendees to not only learn, but connect with the community. “There are many, including daily Birds-of-a-Feder events and the newly branded CSUNATC TV, which includes a broadcast studio featuring the latest live streaming of fireside chats and sessions between industry leaders. A new event is planned Presentation.

The conference keynote on Tuesday, March 14th will be delivered by Mike Paciello, a pioneer and influencer in the accessibility industry for over 30 years. He is the founder of his and co-founder of WebABLE.TV.

As part of the keynote program, the conference annually presents his Strache Leadership Award to a leader who has made a significant impact on teaching and research. This year’s winner is Keith Christian, who has been teaching visually impaired students for 26 years. Mr. Christian is Clara of Anaheim. He is an instructor at Burton Elementary School, mentors students in the visually impaired program at California State University, Los Angeles, and gives guest lectures on technology. He advocated the establishment of an Alternative Media Production Center for Students with Disabilities at Los Angeles, California.

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