The 9 fastest gaming conclusions from the latest Xbox sales

The 9 fastest gaming conclusions from the latest Xbox sales

Source Do you know of any other easy completions from the latest Xbox sale that don’t feature on our list? Let us and the community know in the comments below. You can view the full list of the games discounted in the latest Xbox sale here.

Quickest Xbox game completions from the latest salesThe Language of LoveThis week’s easiest game is one that hasn’t featured in our Easy Gamerscore articles before but has been dubbed by members of the community as one of the easiest completions of all time. The Language of Love is a visual novel from Ratalaika Games that can be completed in just a few minutes thanks to an absurd Skip All Text mode that allows you to fast forward through the entire game. It’s clear that this option exists purely for achievement hunters. There are no choices in the game, and all you have to do is reach the end of the story to get the 1,000G. The Language of Love is on sale for $5.99/£4.99 and has a community rating of 2.25/5.Tcheco in the Castle of LucioTcheco in the Castle of Lucio is this week’s cheapest game out of our list of quick completions, coming in at just $2.49/£2.09. The platformer can be completed in under an hour by following our Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio walkthrough. The achievements aren’t too difficult to unlock, but there are a plethora of missables that can easily be left behind on a playthrough. Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio has a community rating of 2.21/5, so you’re probably only going to be picking this one up for the Gamerscore. The ComplexFinally, our highest-rated game this week is The Complex, which sits with a rating of 3.86/5. It’s another visual novel that actually has choices and various endings, unlike The Language of Love. According to estimates, a completion will take between three and four hours, and while we don’t have a full walkthrough available, there are plenty of individual achievement guides that should help if you find yourself at a loss. The Complex is on sale for $9.09/£6.99.

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