The dark mode will come to the Facebook Lite that is designed for the main app

Facebook Lite app is only for the specific features that can be found in the full app, which is a dark theme for this one day. Ironically, the users of the main Facebook app will still have to wait for the same feature to be added to it.

In any case, if you’re using Facebook Lite, which is the only available only in some regions, especially those with spotty connections, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a new Dark Mode option that has been added to the app AndroidPolice reports.

The new Dark Mode that can be found in the Settings menu, so it’s very easy to find. Just enable the dark theme is on by flipping the switch to the right side of your Facebook Lite, the app needs to be … black. Well, it’s more like a very dark grey instead of black, but it’s more than enough to help solve some of the strain off of your eyes.

Facebook Lite is a dark theme and the execution is more than just the parts of the app, so if you turn it on, all the tabs and menus of the app is displayed in dark gray. Reports of Facebook Lite, a new dark mode, the date of the last month or so, but it seems to be a wider roll-out has just begun, so expect a new feature on your phone is very fast, and if you don’t have it already.