The map for Fortnite Chapter 3 was shown in a new leaked teaser

The map for Fortnite Chapter 3 was shown in a new leaked teaser

Along with the next Chapter in Fortnite’s evolution, a new map is on the way, and we can only hope that it will be more diverse and intriguing than the one we’ve been playing on since Chapter 2 began.

Fortnite’s ‘The Conclusion’ live-event is coming up this weekend, which will signal the end of Chapter 2 and the current map’s mediocre state.

We may also look for actual difficulties to reappear, as well as new material to re-energize the game. For the last several chapters, I’ve been really burnt out on Fortnite, and I’ve been disappointed that Epic opted to effectively kill out a significant chunk of its creator base.

Punch card / NPC challenges are a bust, clearly, since for the first time ever Epic has had to dole out a massive XP gift (to the tune of 225,000 XP) just to help players complete this season’s Battle Pass (which reintroduced Battle Stars in the clunkiest, most absurd way possible).

Now, even as Epic Games is asking leakers to not leak any Chapter 3 or ‘The End’ content we already have the leaked Chapter 3 trailer. In it, we see Jonesy in the water watching as the island rises up vertically in the ocean and then flips over, revealing a whole new map on the other side.

It appears to be a desert biome on the side of the island we can see once it flips. Those plateaus sure look like the Chapter 1 map’s desert mesas. Could we simply be getting the original map back with some changes? That seems . . . entirely possible with Epic Games.

What’s curious also is the in-between area between the two maps. It’s like an entire map of its own, but underground. Curiouser and curiouser.

As you can see, this seems to be the work of a giant spaceship, or perhaps the combined efforts of the ship and the Cube Queen—a powerful NPC who was hovering over Cube Town until it took its new shape as The Pyramid. There have been various hints and clues that her goal has been to destroy the map.

Well, it looks like the map will go under, but with every ending a new beginning. Or a return to something old and familiar—who knows? I really hope we get more of what made the Chapter 1 map special—verticality, unique biomes, and hot-spots like Tilted Towers. The Chapter 2 map has felt so flat and boring by comparison for a long time now, despite looking much prettier (and undergoing some fun changes in a couple of the seasons).

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  • The map for Fortnite Chapter 3 was shown in a new leaked teaser
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