The new Cone Health MedCenter for women is now open

The new Cone Health MedCenter for women is now open

“The MedCenter for women is primarily an outpatient practice. So what it does is, this is were the family and the women will go prior to delivering. So what happens in this space is so essential and crucial to that last step. Because if you don’t better the woman’s health while she’s pregnant, then that can lead to negative outcomes in birth.” So how does this differ from Cone’s Women’s Hospital? Well, Karim-Rhoades has an answer for that question too.  Director Karim-Rhoades also has a special message for every woman out there reading this. 

Walidah Karim-Rhoades is the director of Cone’s MedCenter for women. She’s excited about what this new facility will mean for the health of every single women in our area. This new facility is ready to help make health care more accessible for women all across the Triad.

“I think the most important aspect is being able to provide high quality care as well as addressing disparities in health care…Those other things that impact a woman’s health like nutrition, transportation, housing, and how we can provide wrap around services to address those.” This state of the art Med Center for women, welcomed it’s first patients today, just minutes from Cone Health’s main campus.


If you need to get in contact with Cone Health’s MedCenter for women, I’ve attached a link for you here.  “If you’re in need of services beginning at tweens all the way up through older life, this center is here for you. We have services that can support your behavior health, nutrition, mental state, and we can all do it in one building, and it can give you the services you need and the services you desire.”

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  • The new Cone Health MedCenter for women is now open
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