YouTube’s miniplayer allows you to browse while watching videos on the desktop.

Google’s video sharing and viewing platform, YouTube, has realized a new cool feature that allows the desktop user to see the video while finally browsing the rest of the carousel. The company released “mini player” at the beginning of the year, but although it was seen with the smartphone application, it is now widely used by desktop users. This feature is subject to desktop A / B testing for several months.

This new feature is essentially in picture-in-picture mode, allowing you to scroll through the rest of the screen while the video is shrinking in a small box at the bottom right of the screen. As Google reported in 9to5, this feature has been found in the two major operating system browsers, Google OS and Safari for Mac.

You can actually see this feature by clicking on the dedicated “Mini Player” icon that began to appear for more users. When you click the icon, the video box is placed in the lower corner of the title and in the editor. Video playback options are also displayed at the top of the video and the search bar at the bottom. You can also use the repeat or mix option to access the playlist.

Activating the mini player, the viewer mentioned accessing the last page of visualization. If you go directly to the video, you will be taken to the YouTube homepage.

It should be added that this feature is available for Android and iOS version services. In that case, just leave the rest of the navigation space and go back one step and display the video in the bottom bar.

YouTube’s new desktop features will appear in the coming weeks after the Android application’s dark mode is started. This feature was planned to be introduced in March but was introduced only for iPhone users.

I hope you like the news YouTube’s miniplayer allows you to browse while watching videos on the desktop… Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂