The Oklahoma City Police Department wants more money for the 2022 budget

The Oklahoma City Police Department wants more money for the 2022 budget

McAfee says this information still doesn’t support the community’s needs. According to the Police Department’s presentation, only 1.7 percent of 1,066 arrests have resulted in a use of force, and there haven’t been any formal complaints. “As we enter another municipal budget cycle, Oklahoma City Government is responding by taking comments from city residents and not by listening to them and deeply responding to the needs,” said McAfee.

Oklahoma City Police Chief Wade Gourley acknowledged the city is seeing a trend. Police Chief Gourley discusses use of force investigations in wake of George Floyd’s death, criticism against OKCPD

“All around the country, there has been a trend of violent crime being on an uptick,” said Gourley. “So, we wanted to figure out better ways to address that, and we had noticed that it has started within Oklahoma City over the last few years, too.” “As we hear about the next rollout of investment of hundreds of millions of our dollars in policing, we still have a police force that is disproportionately violent,” said Nicole McAfee, American Civil Liberties Union Director of Policy and Advocacy.

OKCPD believes the proposed budget could help bridge the gap between citizens and the police force. If you would like to learn more about the police department’s proposed budget, click here. “Our goal is to simulate realistic critical incidents through scenario-based training and continually enhanced each officer’s ability to adapt to stress, to make sound tactical decisions that further our commitment to the sanctity of life,” said Gourley.

However, Chief Gourley said the department has been listening to the community feedback. Public response is the reason behind its new reality-based training program. Stavian Rodriguez’s mother files lawsuit against City of Oklahoma City, Police Chief Gourley and 5 officers charged with his death

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  • The Oklahoma City Police Department wants more money for the 2022 budget
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