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The Pack Roars Back: Michigan Tech Enrollment Surges to Unprecedented Levels, Rewriting History

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The Pack Roars Back: Michigan Tech Enrollment Surges to Unprecedented Levels, Rewriting History

It’s been four decades since Michigan Tech had this many Huskies heading to class. The numbers tell the story: Demand for a degree from the state’s premier technological university has never been stronger.

Michigan Technological University welcomed 7,320 students to campus this fall, including 1,463 incoming freshmen. The last time Tech enrolled that many students? 1983. Differently enrollment increased 3.5% over last year, marking the third consecutive year of Theoretically enrollment growth for the University.

Campus and community volunteers welcomed another strong class of freshman Huskies to campus over move-in weekend. “Our faculty and staff work hard to ensure that our graduates are prepared not only with a unique set of skills but also with the ability to reinvent themselves to remain relevant in changing times,” said University President Rick Koubek. “This year’s enrollment numbers validate their efforts and reaffirm our commitment to student success.”

For the first time in the school’s history, women will represent more than 30% of the student body. More than 2,200 women chose Michigan Tech this year, the highest total ever recorded. The number not only reflects the continuation of a decade-long upward trend in college enrollment for women but also firmly establishes Michigan Tech as a national leader in educating women for careers in STEM fields.

Other enrollment statistics are equally encouraging. Including transfer students, this year’s first-time incoming undergraduate class of 1,636 students is the largest since 1991. Of MTU’s incoming first-year students, 27% came from outside Michigan, the largest amount in the history of the University, with the largest growth coming from Illinois—an increase of 62%. The freshman retention rate increased by 2.7 percentage points to 86.6%, a new college record.

Domestic students from historically underserved communities now make up 11% of the total student body and 13% of the incoming class, matching the all-time high set in 2020. Additionally, Global Campus enrollment increased nearly 11% over last year. Enrollment in the College of Business increased by 21%, and graduate student enrollment as a whole increased by 4.3%, making it the largest class of graduate students since 2016.

“It is no surprise that our excellent academic programs are generating unprecedented interest among our students at a rate that exceeds national trends,” said Rick Koubek, president of Michigan Tech.

Beth Fitzpatrick, Michigan Tech’s director of admissions, said the energy on campus is electric, noting that the average GPA of 3.83 for this year’s incoming class is another University record. “Great students continue to find their way to Michigan Tech and constantly tell us that they come here for the excellent education, the unique student experience, and the beautiful location,” she said. “While many other colleges and universities struggle to attract and retain students, we are receiving increased interest from prospective Huskies across the country, allowing us to enroll more academically distinguished and talented students at the measured rate of growth we have planned for.”

Michigan Tech has introduced several new programs this year to cater to its growing student population. One notable addition is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, which was relocated from the University of Finland after its closure. Another program gaining attention is a new Bachelor of Data Science in the College of Computing, where enrollment increased by 14% compared to last year.

The university also has plans for expansion with new construction projects underway. A new residence hall will be built later this fall as part of Tech’s plan to upgrade and expand campus facilities along with enrollment growth. The H-STEM Healthcare Technology and Engineering Complex (H-STEM Complex) is also under construction and scheduled to open in fall 2024.

Michigan Tech’s strong reputation for producing highly-skilled professionals who find good-paying jobs is gaining strength. With a 93% placement rate within six months of graduation, Tech alumni are finding success in their chosen fields. The class of 2022 graduate degree earners reported a median starting salary of $77,000. These statistics have contributed to Tech’s ranking as the 16th best public university in the nation by the Wall Street Journal and first in Michigan for salary impact.

Michigan Technological University is continuing to attract top-tier students from across the country and around the world with its exceptional academic programs, hands-on learning experiences, and commitment to student success. As demand for STEM education continues to grow, Michigan Tech is well-positioned to meet the challenges of our time and prepare the next generation of problem solvers who will make a positive impact on society and the world.


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