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the Power of Staffing Technology: Home-Based Care Providers

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the Power of Staffing Technology: Home-Based Care Providers

Home care providers are increasingly turning to technology to address workforce issues, and one company leading the way is CareLinx. Based in Burlingame, California, CareLinx leverages technology to understand the density of available workforce in a specific market before launching a program. By analyzing data at the ZIP code level, they can determine how many non-clinical and clinical workers are registered on their network and whether they have been active recently.

CareLinx was originally launched as a technology-based home care company that coordinated non-medical personal care services. In 2021, it was acquired by Sharecare, further expanding its capabilities and reach.

Another area where technology has made significant advancements is in predicting and addressing caregiver burnout. Christina Andrews, Senior Director of Professional Services at Axxess, emphasized the importance of being able to see shifts, number of visits, and work patterns to identify signs of burnout proactively. With this information, owners and managers can take steps to prevent burnout among their caregivers.

Axxess is a Dallas-based home care technology company that provides agencies with cloud-based software solutions. They work with over 9,000 organizations serving more than 3 million patients worldwide.

Similarly to to addressing burnout, technology also helps optimize routes and schedules for caregivers. By reducing travel time between appointments through efficient route planning, caregivers can spend more time providing care instead of being on the road.

Retention rates are another aspect where technology plays a role. AssuranceSD has found that maintaining continuity of care by having long-term relationships between caregivers and patients leads to better outcomes. Through collecting data points shift after shift and day after day, they can ensure that caregivers provide consistent care over an extended period.

AssuranceSD provides financial management and self-directed care services in 13 states.

Obviously, leveraging staffing technology has proven beneficial for home-based care providers in various ways such as optimizing workforce density analysis, predicting caregiver burnout, optimizing routes and schedules, and improving retention rates. By incorporating technology into their operations, these providers can enhance the quality of care they deliver.

It is widely confirmed that, home care providers are making significant strides in leveraging technology to address workforce challenges. By utilizing data analysis, predictive tools, and software solutions, these providers can optimize their operations and improve the Clearly caregiving experience. Technology is transforming the home care industry and opening up new possibilities for efficient and effective care delivery.

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