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the Restaurant Industry: Union Unveils iPhone Solution for Tableside Ordering and Payment Processing Without Card Readers

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the Restaurant Industry: Union Unveils iPhone Solution for Tableside Ordering and Payment Processing Without Card Readers

Union, a data-driven hotel engagement platform, has recently launched a new point-of-sale (POS) solution that aims to revolutionize the way servers and waitstaff take guest orders and process payments. This innovative system allows servers to use iPhones to place orders and handle payments directly at the table, eliminating the need for physical credit cards, card readers, and handheld devices.

According to data collected by Union from over a thousand high-volume locations across the country, approximately 30 percent of credit card readers encounter issues when processing payments. This often leads to slower table turn times and frustrated guests. However, with Union’s POS for iPhone solution, this problem is effectively solved as it completely eliminates the need for physical card readers. Guests can now make payments by simply tapping or scanning their phones or by using Union’s guest-driven open app + checkout experience on any personal device.

Alex Broeker, CEO and co-founder of Union, highlights the financial impact of accepting physical credit cards in bars and restaurants. He explains that the real cost lies in lost revenue during the time-consuming process of taking physical cards. On average, it takes one minute to complete all the necessary steps such as starting a tab, returning the card, printing a receipt, and entering a tip. Across Union’s entire portfolio, this amounts to nearly $20 per minute or around $540 million in potential revenue lost last year. By serving just two more drinks per minute through faster payment processing with Union’s POS on iPhone solution, these establishments could have generated an additional $540 million.

Implementing Union’s POS on iPhone is hassle-free since there is no need for hardware configuration or shipping. It can be easily activated within hours with basic menu and operational setup. When combined with Union’s guest-driven ordering platform where customers can view menus, place orders, and pay through their mobile devices, servers gain access to unique information at each table that enhances both efficiency and guest experience.

To utilize the new POS solution, venues only require iPhone devices for their staff, a Wi-Fi network, and a printer or display system in the kitchen. The solution can work alongside other POS systems or operate independently with Union’s classic POS. Venues pay a nominal monthly fee for this service.

Customers who have already implemented Union’s new product have reported significant improvements in order delivery speed. Kevin Mackin, manager of Smithfield Hall in New York City, states that using Union has accelerated their order delivery by at least 70 percent. Similarly, George Fogg of Darkhorse Tavern in Houston, Texas, praises the efficiency and speed that Union’s POS solution brings to his busy bar.

The rise of digital payment apps over physical credit cards is another factor driving the development of Union’s POS for iPhone solution. According to a recent survey conducted among restaurant and bar goers, nearly 40 percent expressed a preference for paying with apps like Google Pay or Apple Pay instead of physical cards.

Layne Cox, CMO of Union, explains how this technology supports venues in seamlessly transitioning to accepting digital payments while enhancing the Universal guest experience. With bulky handheld devices being replaced by small and lightweight iPhones that conveniently fit into pockets, both guests and establishments benefit from increased convenience and productivity. Guests can now place orders and settle bills when they are ready without having to endure unproductive waiting times.

When all is said and done, Union’s new point-of-sale solution revolutionizes the way servers take orders and process payments by allowing them to use iPhones directly at the table. By eliminating the need for physical credit cards and card readers, this innovative system enhances efficiency and improves guest experiences in bars and restaurants across the country. As more consumers opt for digital payment methods over traditional cards, Union’s POS on iPhone provides venues with an easy transition towards accepting these forms of payment.

It is understood that (1), “Union Unveils Restaurant POS for iPhone Solution for Placing Orders and Processing Payments Tableside Without Card Readers.”

(1) Source: restauranttechnologynews


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