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the Road: Automakers Embrace Cutting-Edge Software and Driverless Tech to Challenge Tesla and China

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the Road: Automakers Embrace Cutting-Edge Software and Driverless Tech to Challenge Tesla and China

As reported by, numerous tech giants, including Amazon, Qualcomm, and Samsung, made their presence felt at the IAA Motor Show in Munich. This event, known as one of the largest auto shows in the world, showcased how traditional automakers are striving to enhance technology in their vehicles. From software to hardware advancements, automakers are seeking ways to catch up with Tesla and meet the growing demand for electric cars.

The increasing focus on technology features in cars is particularly crucial to meet the expectations of buyers in China. As Tesla and Chinese startups dominate the electric vehicle market, traditional automakers are experimenting with different strategies to enhance user experiences within their vehicles.

Mohit Sharma, an automotive research analyst at CCS Insight, highlights that traditional automakers cannot achieve this alone. They are actively seeking partnerships with technology companies while also working on internal developments such as software integration.

One key aspect of Tesla’s success lies in its advanced technology features across various areas like batteries and Autopilot (its advanced driver assistance system). Additionally, Tesla’s car screens resemble smartphones, which has become a desirable feature among consumers. Rival automakers aim to develop and advance similar technological capabilities.

In contrast to the smartphone space where Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS dominate operating systems, the automotive industry lacks a standardized infotainment system. To address this gap and provide a more user-friendly experience akin to smartphone apps, automotive companies are investing efforts into developing their own operating systems. For instance, Mercedes-Benz unveiled details about its self-developed operating system called MB.OS at the IAA Motor Show.

Collaboration between automotive manufacturers and tech companies extends beyond operating systems. Swedish electric vehicle player Polestar has partnered with Xingji Meizu (a smartphone maker owned by Chinese auto giant Geely) to create a joint venture focused on developing an operating system called FlyMe specifically for Polestar cars. This partnership aims to offer users a seamless experience between their smartphones and the Polestar operating system.

Tech giants like Qualcomm are also making breakthroughs in the automotive space by providing chips that power artificial intelligence applications inside vehicles. For example, Qualcomm showcased a car attendant feature capable of finding recipes and adding ingredients to a shopping list.

Car manufacturers are not only improving screen technology but also exploring new ways to display information throughout the vehicle. BMW, for instance, introduced Panoramic Vision, a head-up display that projects information onto the windshield at the driver’s eye level. Lucid, an American electric vehicle manufacturer, even demonstrated a seat massage function in its Air Midnight Dream Edition car to enhance comfort while driving.

While Tesla remains at the forefront of autonomous driving with its Autopilot ADAS features, other automakers are continuously improving their self-driving capabilities. Young Chinese players like Xpeng and Nio are following closely behind Tesla in terms of technological advancements in this area.

The competition is particularly fierce in China, which is currently the world’s largest and most competitive electric vehicle market. To differentiate themselves from rivals, both domestic and foreign companies are emphasizing technological features such as software integration and ADAS capabilities. Foreign automakers like BMW and Mercedes are investing heavily in technological development to boost electric vehicle sales within China.

When all is said and done, traditional automakers recognize the need to embrace technology advancements within their vehicles to keep up with Tesla’s dominance in the electric car market. This trend is evident from their presence at events like the IAA Motor Show where tech giants gather to showcase their innovations. The race for superior technology features extends beyond screens and operating systems as automakers strive to provide exceptional user experiences for buyers worldwide.

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