The state of online games during the pandemic | Sponsored

The state of online games during the pandemic |  Sponsored

Online multiplayer gaming took on the term of ‘social gaming’. It allowed children to become more socially competent, develop problem-solving skills and ways to resolve conflict among one another. Hence, games like Among Us, Minecraft and Animal Crossing received praise for allowing this to happen. Not only was the online gaming world a great source of entertainment, but it did much more than that in the pandemic afflicted world. When it came to young children who were not allowed to go to schools anymore and were attending online classes, they found their socializing needs being met through online gaming. There was encouragement and support from parents for this trend.  Because of the restrictions imposed on transport, shipping and also the closure of retail stores, the game developers found it quite difficult to release new video games and accessories. There were many manufacturing delays and shortages when it came to gaming accessories. Many gaming conferences, events or expos were cancelled as social distancing would be hard to follow in these places. Hence, online video game development was seen as a great option.

Online Gaming in the Pandemic

As mobile penetration and quality of internet connection are increasing in so many parts of the world, it is no surprise that online gaming on mobile devices and consoles became a much-preferred mode of recreation. As people couldn’t go to the cinemas, live broadways, entertainment parks or land-based casinos anymore, they sought to meet their entertainment needs from the online gaming world. Although most industry sectors took a hit, the online gaming industry, which is one of the biggest industries in the world, was thriving more than ever and saw huge user engagement. In this article, we will talk about how the trends and development around online gaming took place.

Many families enjoyed these games as they were simple, uncomplicated and yet deeply absorbing. The interactivity in online video games has developed more than ever. People also became interested in platforms like Twitch, where gamers were now uploading gaming video content and entertaining their audiences. For regular gamblers, the pandemic was a huge impediment to their lifestyle. However, they rejoiced and found solace in the popularity and development of online gambling websites. The websites were better than ever with many software updates and development.  Games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons were met with popularity from people of all age groups. Because of the pandemic situation, we saw people of older generations becoming interested in online video games as a way to connect to their family members, particularly their children or grandchildren. Hence, online video games provided much needed psychological comfort and safety to people. 

The growth in gaming technology has made other modes of entertainment look less appealing. With the development of cloud technology, we are now seeing the fascinating trend of game streaming services for which gamers will not have to spend huge amounts of money for hardware and other optimizations. Instead, gamers can now play high-end AAA game titles across many devices with no latencies.

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  • The state of online games during the pandemic | Sponsored
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