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The success of ChatGPT is a “milestone” in Qualcomm’s development as an artificial intelligence firm

by Michael Huff
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The success of ChatGPT is a “milestone” in Qualcomm’s development as an artificial intelligence firm

The meteoric rise of ChatGPT is a chance to showcase the capabilities of artificial intelligence on smartphones. In order to establish Qualcomm as an AI firm, this is the milestone we’ve been waiting for, Cristiano Amon told at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The chatbot ChatGPT, created by the research firm OpenAI, has gained a lot of online popularity as people ask it to respond to inquiries, compose text, or deliver in-depth, relevant information.

Recently, Qualcomm made films showing text being used to create AI graphics on an Android phone, and it also did this in person at the conference.

Think about what Microsoft is doing with search, and how you want to chat with the search results, said Amon to Karen Tso and Arjun Kharpal. “You want to generate any image that you want to share with anybody, you want to do it in real-time,” he added. You’ll need to bring AI to the devices if you want to make that happen since you can’t run everything in a data centre.

According to him, large-language models would be created fully within cellphones, allowing them to function even when not connected to the internet.

“Only Qualcomm is able to produce that much processing power in a smartphone and run that without affecting the battery life,” he asserted. This week, Bernstein analysts noted that the ability to power AI inquiries could represent a multi-billion dollar market opportunity for chipmakers.

In collaboration with companies like Meta, Samsung, and Google, Qualcomm has also provided CPUs for a number of virtual reality products. Smart glasses, according to Amon, represent the “merging of physical and digital realms” and the next step in computing.

“I can imagine a scenario in which you will eventually only own the glasses as a companion to your phone. Also, the potential is amazing. It’s going to happen, he continued, and it will happen soon.

Amon also stated that Qualcomm does not foresee producing modems for Apple’s next iPhone in 2024, raising the possibility that the highly anticipated transition of the tech giant to in-house goods may be drawing near.

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