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The Tears of the Kingdom clip reveals that Ganondorf is back

by Michael Huff
1 minutes read
The Tears of the Kingdom clip reveals that Ganondorf is back

The final trailer for Nintendo’s eagerly anticipated sequel, which was introduced by series producer Eiji Aonuma, was released earlier today, on April 13. The recently released Tears of the Kingdom teaser confirms Ganondorf’s return and shows Link and Zelda once more battling to defeat him in order to guarantee the future of Hyrule, this time permanently.

The narrative of the Breath of the Wild sequel is finally established in this new Tears of the Kingdom, providing players with some much-needed reason for their explorations of Hyrule (something we touched on following last month’s gameplay teaser). To date, we have seen a lot of gameplay and cinematic clips from Tears of the Kingdom, but none that have so fully established the plot of the sequel.

The launch trailer for Breath of the Wild, which aired in March 2017, is unmistakably similar to this new video since it is story-driven. While it set up the epic hardships of the Switch launch game, the trailer rapidly won the hearts of Zelda fans by bringing some of the game’s most heartbreaking scenes front and center with an inspiring tune.

Many Zelda fans were looking forward to the new teaser, which would be comparable to the renowned Breath of the Wild one above, even before the last Tears of the Kingdom clip aired today. There is a very high standard to meet if this new sequel teaser is to be remembered with the same veneration fans have for Breath of the Wild’s final pre-launch trailer, but time will tell.

See our whole The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom pre-order guide for more information if you still want to pre-order Tears of the Kingdom or even get that deluxe Collector’s Edition. Pre-orders for Tears of the Kingdom are reportedly exceeding those for Breath of the Wild, according to recent statistics from a Japanese shop, which is extremely positive for Nintendo’s follow-up.

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