Tim Cook Tried to Teach Warren Buffett How to Use an iPhone. It Didn’t go Well.


Tim Cook attempted to teach Warren Buffett how to use an iPhone, the investor revealed. It did not go very well.

IPhone is “great product” but Warren Buffett cannot use it

Despite the efforts of Apple’s CEO, it seems that Mr. Buffett may not be able to fully grasp the iPhone. “I went to California and Tim Cook spent very patient hours trying to get me up to the average two-year-old’s level,” said Mr. Buffett. Yahoo Finance. The investor admitted that he “didn’t quite gain weight”. Apparently the two men “had a lot of fun”. Buffett, a longtime investor in Apple, described Cook as “a great guy” and called the iPhone a “great product.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Omaha’s so-called Oracle revealed that he was not using any applications and admitted that he “had a bit of trouble getting to the part where I actually call someone.” But he said it was’ just me ‘and’ every two year old can do it. ‘

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