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“Unleash Your Fear of Bluetooth Trackers with Google’s Location Tracker Killer!”

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“Unleash Your Fear of Bluetooth Trackers with Google’s Location Tracker Killer!”

The use of location tracking devices is gaining popularity among people as they help keep track of important personal belongings. However, these devices have also been used for unwanted tracking of people. To combat this misuse, Google has announced a new feature at Google I/O 2023 that will alert users to unknown location trackers in their vicinity.

The new Find My Device network by Google will use user data obtained from the network to help users locate their lost belongings and issue alerts about location-tracking devices. The revamped feature makes it easier to find missing devices by calling compatible devices or viewing their location on a map in the app.

According to Google, the new network will enable tracking of phones, tablets, headphones and Bluetooth trackers by allowing them to ping Android devices around the world and will offer more accurate tracking than third-party trackers. Tile, Chipolo, and Pebblebee have already confirmed compatibility with their Bluetooth tracking devices.

Apple and Google have jointly filed a proposed industry specification to help combat the misuse of Bluetooth location-tracking devices for unwanted tracking. This will be the first specification of its kind that will not only detect if people are being tracked in an unwanted way but also issue alerts to iOS and Android users.

Companies like Samsung, Tile, Chipolo, eufy Security and Pebblebee have guaranteed their compatibility with this specification. According to Apple, if manufacturers agree to incorporate this into their products, this draft will provide them with best practices and instructions.

With these developments in place, people can rest assured that they can use location trackers without fear of being tracked themselves. It is reported that “ these specifications may soon become standard practice across all Bluetooth-enabled device manufacturers.


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