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“Unleashing the Power of Edge Solutions: How Businesses are Achieving Double-Digit Improvements”

by Tech Desk
“Unleashing the Power of Edge Solutions: How Businesses are Achieving Double-Digit Improvements”

New research commissioned by Lumen Technologies and Intel and conducted by IDC has revealed that edge computing is driving significant business and technical benefits across various industries. The survey found that companies experienced double-digit improvements in customer experiences, quality of products and services, and productivity after investing in cutting-edge solutions.

It is said that, the next wave of business innovation is happening at the edge, with IDC forecasting edge spending to reach over $300 billion by 2026. Steve Grabow, Senior Vice President of Edge Computing Solutions at Lumen Technologies, said that momentum is building across industries as businesses realize compelling and measurable benefits from edge computing.

More than half of respondents (54%) are currently using next-generation solutions in production today, with 64% planning new investments within a year. The telecom profile/service provider remains the primary deployment location for edge solutions. Respondents also noted a 26% improvement in customer experience, a 23% increase in productivity, and a 22% improvement in the quality of products and services.

Also to significant business benefits, respondents also reported double-digit improvements in technical results when implementing cutting-edge solutions. This included increased security and data protection, increased productivity through automation, and improved application performance.

Dave McCarthy, Vice President of Research for Cloud and Edge Infrastructure Services at IDC said that leaders from every industry are embracing edge computing as they seek to improve operations, drive better customer experiences and create differentiation in their marketplace. He added that partnering with a vendor who understands their business needs can help eliminate some risk during the implementation process.

The survey interviewed 735 US business decision-makers in companies with 500 or more employees who were familiar with their organization’s perimeter strategy. One hundred surveys were conducted in each of the following industries: financial services, manufacturing, technology/software development, media/entertainment/gaming healthcare retail public sector.

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Summing up, the survey’s findings demonstrate the significant benefits that edge computing can bring to businesses across various industries. As technology continues to advance, it is likely that more companies will turn to edge computing solutions to improve their operations and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


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