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“Unleashing the Stars: College Honors Outstanding Faculty and Staff Leaders”

by Tech Desk
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Wake Tech Celebrates Faculty and Staff Leaders

On May 18, 2023, Wake Tech celebrated the completion of its Leadership Program by 36 faculty and staff leaders. The university offers three different modules to help employees develop their skill sets: leading themselves and influencing others, emerging leaders for new managers, and specific training for supervisors.

The program is designed to help Wake Tech employees gain valuable skills in communication, problem-solving, motivation, and teamwork. These skills are essential for successful leadership in any workplace.

The first module focuses on leading oneself and influencing others. This module teaches participants how to manage their own emotions and behaviors while also inspiring others to do their best work. It provides tools for effective communication with colleagues and superiors alike.

The second module is designed for emerging leaders who have recently transitioned from being a team member to managing a team. This module helps participants learn how to lead effectively by building trust with their team members, setting goals, delegating tasks, providing feedback, and more.

The third module is specifically tailored for supervisors who want to improve their leadership skills. This module covers topics such as conflict resolution, performance management, coaching techniques, employee engagement strategies, and more.

According to source close to the news at the following employees earned certificates of completion:

– Amanda C Allen
– Stephanie Early
– Kim Clean Cloth
—Sarah C Horstman
– Kelly Keltz
– Mark Lear
– Jetta Lewis
– Lisa Martin
– Tracy Norris
– Ryan Pescosolido
– Dennis Michael Porch
– Richard Kenneth Ramey
– Richard Redding
– Candice Roberts
-Ladansa Ussery
-Ashley D Wheeler
-Nicolas Williams

-Kasey Ashton
-Sarah Burnette
-Barbara Clarke
– Viorica Dolganiuc
-Rhoderick E. Fleming
-Ian Gibbons
-James Paul Hedges
-Maribeth Leonard
-Shawn Jesse Searles
-Catherine Suarez
-Ashley Ughetta

-Ashley Traci
-Samantha Bray
-Albert Sidney Brewer Jr.
-Davin Garett
-What Ihnatolia
-Nikki Leonard
-Michelle Neagle
-Richard Redding

The Leadership Program at Wake Tech is an excellent opportunity for faculty and staff to improve their leadership skills and become more effective leaders in their respective fields. Congratulations to all the participants who completed this program!


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