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Unlock Your English Proficiency: Duolingo’s Game-Changing Course for Telugu Speakers!

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US-based language learning app Duolingo has recently expanded its Indian language courses with the launch of an English learning course specifically designed for Telugu speakers. Telugu, which is the fourth most spoken language in India and one of the top 20 most spoken languages globally, has now joined the list of Indian languages available on the platform. This new offering aims to empower Telugu speakers by providing them with a free and engaging platform to become proficient in English, recognizing the importance of language in career advancement and accessing educational resources.

According to a recent survey conducted by Duolingo and YouGov, it was found that 90% of Telugu speakers believe that English is crucial for career advancement, while 81% see it as a confidence booster when interacting with English-speaking communities. These statistics highlight the significance of English proficiency among Telugu speakers and their recognition of its impact on various aspects of life.

India serves as one of Duolingo’s key markets, with a significant user base particularly interested in languages like Hindi, French, Korean, and Spanish. The introduction of an English learning course for Telugu speakers reflects the company’s commitment to catering to India’s linguistic diversity and educational aspirations.

This initiative follows the success of Duolingo’s English courses for Hindi and Bengali speakers. By expanding its offerings to include Telugu, Duolingo aims to open doors for Telugu speakers to a world full of possibilities. With approximately 96 million Telugu speakers worldwide, this course is expected to make language learning more accessible and enjoyable for them.

Duolingo’s popularity has been steadily increasing in India where it stands as the fifth largest market in terms of daily active users. The addition of a dedicated course for Telugu further strengthens its position as a leading language learning platform in India.

In summary, Duolingo’s expansion into providing an English learning course for Telugu speakers showcases its commitment towards empowering individuals through language education. The inclusion of Telugu in its language offerings recognizes the importance of catering to India’s linguistic diversity and meeting the educational aspirations of its users.

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