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Unlocking Infinite Realms: Your Ultimate Guide to Meta’s Horizon Worlds Mobile App

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Meta’s virtual reality (VR) social platform, Horizon Worlds, is gearing up to launch its highly anticipated mobile version soon. Initially, the company had plans to release a mobile app alongside the platform’s launch. However, they decided against it as it felt more like a VR game on mobile rather than a native mobile experience. Nonetheless, the Horizon team has since made significant improvements to provide users with a better native mobile experience.

Vishal Shah, the Vice President of Metaverse at Meta, revealed that they had created a working version of the app about a year ago. Unfortunately, it didn’t meet their standards for a native mobile experience. Nevertheless, they have been diligently working on rebuilding the app to ensure that it delivers an exceptional user experience on mobile devices. As part of this endeavor, the team is preparing to beta test one of the first games available on the mobile app called ‘Super Rumble,’ which is a thrilling first-person shooter.

One standout feature of the upcoming mobile app is cross-platform play. This means that mobile users will be able to seamlessly interact and engage with VR users within Horizon Worlds. This integration marks an exciting shift for Meta as Shah states, “We’re going from a world where we were solely focused on virtual reality to one where we prioritize being virtual reality first.”

In their latest update titled ‘v120,’ Horizon Worlds introduced quests and rewards for all users along with a new quick actions menu that allows players to pause their experiences conveniently. These enhancements aim to improve the Evidently user experience and make engaging with Horizon Worlds even more enjoyable.

Last month, Meta also introduced another feature called “world chat” in their social VR platform. Users can now communicate via text What’s more to voice chat and even @mention others in global chat sessions. This text-based communication option adds another layer of convenience and inclusivity for users within Horizon Worlds.

While an exact release date for the mobile app has not yet been disclosed, users can anticipate an enhanced native mobile experience. They will have the ability to connect and interact seamlessly with VR users within Horizon Worlds. This upcoming release is certainly an exciting development for Meta and its growing community of virtual reality enthusiasts.

It is widely claimed that, “Meta is set to launch a mobile app for Horizon Worlds soon,” and this marks another milestone in their ongoing efforts to revolutionize social interactions in the virtual realm.

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