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Unlocking the Future: 3 Game-Changing Tech Investment Lessons from Houston Methodist’s Chief Innovation Officer

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Unlocking the Future: 3 Game-Changing Tech Investment Lessons from Houston Methodist’s Chief Innovation Officer

Hospital executives face the challenging task of navigating the ever-changing landscape of technology adoption in healthcare. With financial pressures, digital health trends, and regulatory requirements constantly evolving, it can be difficult to determine which technology projects to prioritize and invest in. However, Roberta Schwartz, Chief Innovation Officer at Houston Methodist, offers valuable insights into how hospital systems can approach technology investment.

Firstly, Schwartz emphasizes the importance of understanding that artificial intelligence (AI) has two components: the product itself and the change management required for its successful implementation. Hospital systems need to be prepared for the organizational changes necessary to integrate AI technologies effectively. Schwartz highlights virtual nursing as an example of a technology that took off quickly because it was essential for survival. Hospitals must assess whether they are ready for the change management aspect before embracing new AI solutions.

Secondly, providers looking to differentiate themselves from competitors must offer superior technology. However, in certain cases where multiple companies provide similar quality products, hospitals may base their choice on cost or integration with existing electronic health record (EHR) vendors. Integration is crucial since physicians prefer tools that seamlessly work within their main platform.

Lastly, while prioritization is often seen as essential in managing initiatives effectively, Schwartz challenges this notion. She believes that giving oneself permission to explore various solutions simultaneously across different areas of an organization is important for learning from each other’s experiences. Instead of focusing solely on prioritizing access or one specific area, hospitals should embrace a diverse range of solutions across different environments.

The marrow, hospital executives must carefully balance prudence and risk when considering technology adoption in healthcare. By recognizing the dual nature of AI (product and change management), prioritizing factors such as integration with existing systems and costs when choosing vendors, and adopting a flexible approach rather than strict prioritization strategies, hospitals can navigate technological advancements more effectively.

According to source close to the news article on MedCity News (1), Roberta Schwartz’s insights shed light on developing a successful technology investment strategy for hospital executives.

(1) According to source close to the news.


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