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Unveiling Brilliant Tech Life Hacks: Insider Secrets Revealed!

by Tech Desk
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It is disclosed that, when it comes to selling or disposing of our phones, we know that resetting them is a must. But what about our printers? It may sound like a joke, but our home office powerhouse actually stores more information than we realize and can be dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. However, cleaning it is easy.

In an article by Kim Komando titled “Genius tech life hacks no one tells you until now,” she shares some valuable tips and tricks to help us become smarter with technology and make our lives easier. One of these tips is number 4 on her list, which explains how to clean your printer before getting rid of it. The article provides a link where readers can find more information on this topic.

The article also mentions a Google Drive hack that the author uses almost every work day. This tip makes us feel like true power users and shows us how technology can simplify our daily tasks.

But the article doesn’t stop there. It encourages readers to get smarter with technology by joining a community of over 509,000 people who receive free tech skills delivered straight to their inbox. The link provided in the article allows interested individuals to subscribe for free.

Moving on, the article discusses the issue of giving away too much personal information for grocery deals. Every time we use our loyalty cards or provide personal details at the checkout counter, we are unknowingly sharing valuable data with third parties. To protect ourselves, the article suggests alternative methods such as using an office phone number as a loyalty number and providing disposable email addresses when necessary.

The author also advises looking for stores that don’t require loyalty programs for discounts and using paper coupons from grocery store websites instead. Additionally, readers are reminded never to give out their Social Security numbers or driver’s license numbers in exchange for discounts.

To stay updated with quick tech tips like these, readers are encouraged to sign up for the author’s daily Tech Hacks ezine. This newsletter provides popular and useful tech tips to help readers navigate the digital world more efficiently.

The article then discusses a workaround for accessing articles from Apple News or other aggregators that may be behind paywalls. By doing a simple Google search for the title, readers can often find the same article available for free on the original site. The author also suggests checking out helpful Google search tricks to enhance our searching skills.

Next, the article highlights certain tech items that cannot be thrown away in regular trash or recycling bins due to legal restrictions. Batteries, especially lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium batteries, should be taken to hazardous waste collection centers. TVs contain hazardous materials and should not be destined for landfill. Old glass thermometers that may contain mercury should also be disposed of properly.

To find information on electronic device disposal in their area, readers are advised to search online using specific keywords related to their city or town along with “electronic device disposal.” A link is provided in the article for convenience.

The article then offers a quick way to speed up our phones by closing all open tabs in our Safari or Google Chrome browsers. Instructions are given for both iPhone and Android users on how to easily remove multiple tabs at once.

Another helpful tip shared in the article is a trick for never forgetting which side of the car your gas tank is on when refueling. By looking at your car’s fuel gauge on the dashboard, you can locate a small arrow next to the fuel pump symbol indicating which side of your car the gas tank is located on.

To stay up-to-date with tech news, tips, and caller questions from around the country, readers are invited to listen to Kim Komando’s podcast called “Kim Komando Today.” The podcast covers various topics related to technology and provides valuable insights into current trends and issues. Links are provided in the article for listeners’ convenience.

The deduction, this engaging and informative article by Kim Komando offers a range of tech life hacks and tips to help readers become more knowledgeable and efficient with technology. From cleaning printers before disposal to protecting personal information during grocery shopping, the article covers a wide array of topics. By implementing these tech hacks, readers can navigate the digital world more confidently and make their lives easier.

Note: This article is based on the information provided in the source mentioned above.


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