Veteran Software Expert Rick Pittenger Named Chief Technology Officer by DexCare

Rick Pittenger has been named chief technology officer of DexCare, Inc., a leading data-driven information firm dedicated to providing a superior, accessible healthcare experience for all. Pittenger has experience in both consumer and Internet technology, and he has established himself as a leader in the scalable design, deployment, and administration of SaaS systems. Our leadership team is heavily reliant on the expertise of our seasoned software engineers, who have built sophisticated, commercially viable, high-performance systems used by some of the biggest corporations in the world.

In his new role, Pittenger will lead his DexCare applications, infrastructure and engineering teams. His deeply focused expertise will serve as an added value to expand and amplify the strong work of these teams. CEO Derek Streat said: “Rick’s resume speaks for itself. He has been involved in numerous IPOs and has successfully transformed multiple teams through mergers and acquisitions. Consistently at the forefront of consumer and technology trends over the years, we can’t wait to see his expertise come to fruition in helping us reinvent the care experience.”

Pittenger most recently served as Chief Technology Officer at his Cint, a $300 million annual revenue and $2 billion digital insight gathering platform. He joined Cint following its acquisition of Lucid for $1.1 billion, where he also served as Chief Technology Officer as Head of Products and Engineering. During his three years at Lucid, Pittenger transformed the company into a technology-driven market research platform, helping transform the online market research industry and cementing Lucid’s leadership in this space.

Lucid’s platform has made it possible to ask billions of questions and hear millions of voices from users around the world. He also helped drive innovative products such as his Media Measurement for Lucids, the market leader in online advertising campaign measurement.

Pittenger, a seasoned Internet technology professional, started his Internet development career in 1996 at GeoCities, where he oversaw the engineering department until the company went public and was subsequently acquired by Yahoo. He concentrated on his website for big businesses and ultimately consumers when he was employed at Yahoo. He later joined Proofpoint and assisted in guiding the business to another another profitable IPO. He graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a BSCS and the University of Southern California with an MSCS and MBA.

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